June 11, 2019

JUNE 11, 2019

b2 Music is excited to share the 8th track from VIBE presents: Urban Asia Vol 2 – ‘ABG’ by CHOW MANE. Chinese-American rapper CHOW MANE may have a parody name, and he may be self-deprecating but there’s nothing funny about his flow. CHOW hails from the San Francisco bay area and likes to simultaneously poke fun of and celebrate his Chinese heritage. His 2017 debut EP Mooncakes set him up as an Asian-American MC to be reckoned with, and ABG (Asian Baby Girl) was a surprise hit for him last year, with a hilarious, and super sexy video that has gotten lots of attention in Hip Hop circles – with his high pitched rhyming and comedic timing he’s an Asian Little Dicky, without the total goofiness. CHOW MANE is definitely one to watch for. 

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