June 15, 2020

June 15th, 2020

b2 Socials is proud to announce the launch of its client Passerby’s new musical journey, ‘Project 34’.  Gilad Segev, known around the world as Passerby, is one of Israel’s most recognized musicians, with over 10 top-ten hits in his home country. An avid world traveler, he has spent over a decade performing throughout China – developing a connection with the people and indigenous sounds of the country. His recent tribute to the Wuhan health care workers, ‘Be There’ was featured on CCTV, and landed him a spot on a Times Square billboard in New York City (see image below). 

With the help of b2, Passerby is now launching his most ambitious project to date: ‘Project 34’.  One song will be released every month over the next thirty four months, exploring the musical heritage and landscape of China’s provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities & special administrative regions – 34 in total.  Each track will highlight the unique music, tradition and culture of each region, celebrating the heritage and diversity through Passerby’s popular Folk sound. 

The first song in the series, ‘Right Light’ is a celebration of Zhejiang Province, as well as the classic Chinese guzheng instrument. ‘Right’ Light uses this classic piece as a springboard, taking the sound in a modern groove-oriented direction, but always with a nod to the past and tradition.

Congratulations Passerby on the launch of this exciting journey! 

Please listen to ‘Right Light’ here

Watch the video here: