b2 works with the best emerging and established talent from around Asia. We help artists grow their careers in Asia, and throughout the world. We work in partnership with our artists, helping them perfect their craft, find the right material and collaborators, and position them for regional and worldwide success.

b2 also works with many Western artists looking for help in China and the Asia region. We work with some of the top singers, bands, producers & DJs from the U.S. and Europe, helping them seize the opportunities in the Asian market. We take an integrated approach to helping the artist build a long-term fan base and generate lasting opportunities in the region.


Bryan Davison


Aaron Moriss


Examples of services provided for our clients include:

Performance bookings
Sponsorship deals
Social media account monetization
Awards Show performances
Major TV program appearances / TV voice competition programs
Musical collaborations with Asian artists
Launch of co-branded clothing lines
Launch of local fan clubs and merchandise platforms