January 16, 2017

DJ SODA is one of Asia’s hottest superstar DJs.

She embarked on her journey to become an International DJ in 2013. Before that, her obsession with Hip-Hop got her started DJing, and was not just about the music, but also the culture surrounding sneakers and street fashion.

SODA’s background as an actress helped her with her live theatrics, especially with her signature move, the ‘Flute Dance’, which instantly went viral and accumulated millions of views on Youtube, Facebook and other social media platforms.

As a model, she has represented a variety of famous brands such as: DIOR, GUESS, K-Swiss, Nike, New Balance, to name a few.DJ SODA has also been an icon of the fashion world, working closely with magazines such as, Maxim, Elle, Vogue, Esquire, and many more.

Since 2015, SODA has visited more than 22 cities and 9 countries spread across the globe. She has headlined numerous major festivals, such as ULTRA and Songkran S2O Music Festival in 2016. 

Featured Video Links:

DJM-S9 DJ SODA Performance
DJ SODA in Bangkok
DJ SODA in China
DJ SODA in Borneo