June 21, 2023

Dragonfly prepares a slew of international artists coming to the city as part of their mission to become “the ultimate luxury nightlife destination”


Since its inception in 2004, Dragonfly — colloquially abbreviated as DF — has been a go-to spot for Jakarta’s night owls and converted electronic music enthusiasts.

Run by the coveted Ismaya Group who have a number of top-tier F&B and entertainment joints scattered across the country, the venue is known for its decked-out space and many “Instagrammable” corners and features. Complete with proper Funktion One Resolution 4 speakers, it’s no wonder the club also becomes a haven for international acts that travel to the city — one of them being Peggy Gou.

The South Korean, Berlin-based producer was brought over through invitation of Ismaya Live — the live events division of Ismaya Group that’s been unceasingly quenching the country’s thirst for entertainment with its world-class productions and unique concepts. Does ‘Djakarta Warehouse Project’ ring a bell? If not, you’re definitely missing out.

On February 15, the nightclub known for its luminescent lightbulbs that sway up and down above elated dancers hosted the dance music darling for an entire 1,5 hour set.

The announcement of Gou’s appearance at Dragonfly a few days before the show was followed by frenzied comments on social media. Rightfully so — tickets were sold-out not long after.

Previously her popular hits ‘Starry Night’ and ‘I Go’ resonated throughout Ulu Cliffhouse, Bali, in 2022. One year later and back in Indonesia, Gou continues to draw in the masses — some of which were still enthusiastically waiting for guest list access in front of Dragonfly’s entrance.

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The establishment is currently on a mission to acquaint and reinforce itself as the ultimate luxury nightlife destination by inviting over a stellar line-up of international DJs for Jakarta’s party goers. Within the same month of February, Dragonfly had called over Skrillex and Claptone to grace its decks — and the team has got more names up their sleeves lined up for the rest of the year.

Upon entering guests are greeted with a spectacular set-up of lights from every corner of the capacious venue. The walls are adorned with reflective panels that add to the brilliance of the space which once hosted the likes of The Chainsmokers, Disclosure and David Guetta.

With two bars located on each end of the dancefloor, dozens scurried back and forth with drinks in hand to secure a spot in front of the elevated DJ booth.

Warming up for Peggy Gou were Indonesia’s own Maliki and Dea Barandana. First up on the decks, Maliki churned out anthems reminiscent of late 90s, early 2000s clubbing that had guests vigorously moving across the dancefloor with cheeky grins across their faces. As the energy level gradually rose, Bali-based Dea Barandana — who’s previously released via Gou’s Gudu Records — took over with his scintillating set that echoed eclectic sounds of 80s synthwave and electro beats, sliding in hints of Cantopop at one point.

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As the clock struck 12, a sudden wave of cheers came out from behind the DJ booth. Peggy Gou was making her way past the crowds, accompanied by numerous lit-up phone-screens recording her entrance. She stepped into the booth, affectionally hugged and thanked her friend, Dea Barandana, plugged in her USB sticks and immediately commanded the crowd.

From start to finish, guests from all corners of Dragonfly were blissfully dancing to her euphoric set. Starting off with a string of soulful disco and tech-house cuts, Gou’s highly-anticipated performance oftentimes brought out her inner Berliner and veered into more hard-hitting techno resonances. It goes without saying that a pinnacle moment was when ‘Starry Night’ echoed from Dragonfly’s Funktion One Resolution 4 speakers. As the rhythmic tuned played, it was yet another sea of phone screens that lit up, along with voices of guests singing along to the lyrics — both Korean and English. After all, music is a universal language.

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Closing out the night after 1,5 hours of all things Peggy Gou was local stalwart Devarra, who ended the midweek affair with a beat-heavy set that made it harder for guests to head home. It’s safe to add that even with headliners like Peggy Gou creating sell-out shows, local talent is the real underlying driver.

With 19 years of experience under its belt, Dragonfly is sure to provide even more memorable nights out in Jakarta within its high-ceiling, spacious venue.

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Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.